Water Conditioning System Installation

Whether you’re looking to add, replace or upgrade old equipment, our highly-trained plumbers and HVAC technicians will help you choose the best water softening, conditioning and/or water purifying system for your home or business, or service an existing system you already have.

Water Testing

Of course your water needs to be safe to drink, but it should also taste good and work well for all your other household needs.  To know if any corrective action needs to take place, we take a sample of your water and send it to an independent lab to be tested for bacteria as well as minerals such as calcium and magnesium that result in “hard” water.

Water Softener Systems, the solution for “hard” water problems

While in the ground water picks up soluble bits of minerals and other contaminants found in the earth.  In “hard” water, calcium and magnesium are the two minerals that are most likely to effect the water you use in your home.

Some of the symptoms of hard water include water spots on faucets and other fixtures and soap residue in the bath, shower and sinks that is difficult to remove. The calcium and magnesium minerals in the hard water prevent soaps from lathering, and leave an insoluble, sticky residue not only on bathroom fixtures, but also on hair, skin and clothing.  Installing a water softener will correct this problem leaving everything – from your hair to your clothes – feeling softer and cleaner.

In addition, hard water can cause scale buildup inside the pipes that carry it causing your water pressure to drop significantly.  It can also build up on plumbing fixtures (damaging their operation and/or appearance) as well as your dishwasher, hot water heater and washing machine creating mechanical failures.  A water softening system can help improve the efficiency of your hot water and heating systems by removing these existing scale deposits.

Ultraviolet Light (UV light) Purifying Systems

An Ultraviolet Light (UV light) Water Purifying Treatment can eliminate 99.9% of microorganism contaminants including E. coli and coliform bacteria in your home drinking water providing safe, clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing and all other uses. A UV light purifying system can be used for homes or businesses on both municipal water systems and private wells.

The UV light system does not add chemicals to the water or produce any type of bi-products. It will not alter the taste, PH, or other properties of your water.  In addition to producing safe drinking water, it is also safe for plumbing and septic systems.

While an ultraviolet light water purifying system is excellent in purifying and eliminating biological contamination making your water safe and clean, if your water smells and/or tastes bad because of sulfur, heavy metals or minerals, chlorine, VOC’s, or other chemical contaminants, another type of water conditioning system, such as a water softener (as explained above) may also be needed.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water filtration system that is an economical method to remove your water’s impurities. The RO system has a semi-permeable membrane with a thin microporous surface that removes virtually all dissolved materials including dissolved inorganic solids, organics, particles and microorganisms.

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